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Grooming & Boarding

Bayshore Pet Grooming & Boarding
1704 Bayshore Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984

PHONE: (772) 340-0033 
FAX: (772) 340-0633

Dogs Of All Sizes

There is never a pet too big or too small. We have the experience to get the job done right!


The detailed process we use was perfected over 50 years ago at the family owned "Dalton's School of Dog Grooming."

Personalized Service

Our professional staff works 1 on 1 with the customer to ensure the best possible haircut to fit your pets personality.

Special Needs Pets 

Specializing in older and special needs pets!! We cater to many 2nd and 3rd generation pets as they get older.

Safety First

Every pet is no farther than an arms reach away from a staff member. Come see our open view facility with no back rooms.

Locally Owned

Family owned and operated. At the same location for over 30 years where you can always find one of the family.


Your Pet's Day With Us Includes

1. The First Haircut "Cutdown"

This is where we set the beginning pattern. The nails are cut, pads and sanitaries are cleaned and shaved. The ears are cleared of any hair, dirt and any waxy buildup.

2. Bathing Area

Your pet then visits the bathing area, where the ears are cleared of any powder used to initially clean them.
Bathers use the appropriate shampoo to wash and rinse your pet. Then they are partially air blown in the tubs. (**There is no extra charge for specialized shampoos**)

3. Time To Get Dry!

 While in the tub your pet is partially dried by hand. Your pet is then placed in a drying area, where we use ambiant air fans for continued drying (**we do not use heated cage fans for safety concerns). Next they are air blown to help reduce any future shedding and quicken the drying time.

4. Finish Drying

Once nearly dried, your pet is placed on the drying/fluffing tables to have the remaining knots removed. Drying is completed and the hair is fluffed in preparation for their second and final cut.

5. Final Stage

At the final stage, your pets' second haircut, which has been chosen by the owner and the groomer will begin. This style has been chosen to best suit your individual pet, their breed and their personality. All the fluffing and prepping allows the professional groomer to place the best Final Haircut possible on your pet. This will allow your pet to look it's best for weeks to come.

This detailed process was perfected 50 years ago by the founder, Dorothy Dalton. This grooming technique is still used and taught both in Florida and Massachusetts.

The process takes time. We allow your pet water and walks throughout the day. Their visit with us is treated like a visit from friends and family or "a day at the spa"!!

When picking up your pet, please call 15 minutes prior to pick up, to insure they are ready. Arriving early upsets your pet and interrupts the process.